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בית ספר שלנו

Einstein Academy was founded based on the understanding that in order for students to be successful in the 21st century, they need a true 21st century education. The founders of the school believe in creating a learning community that was built from the ground up with the student at the center, fostering curiosity and engaging students in learning that matters through genuine involvement in the community, differentiating for all learners and cultivating empathy in order to maximize growth both academically and social-emotionally.


Guided by Jewish values and culture, Einstein Academy provides a space for students to explore their personal identity and how they relate to the world around them, cultivating a sense of awe and wonder, deepening connections to the community, applying timeless textual lessons to help understand modern-day issues, and using Jewish values as a guide for interacting with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To inspire minds to change the world


Mission: We engage students in authentic, meaningful, and reflective learning in order to foster skills, cultivate growth, and contribute to our community, based on Jewish culture and values.


Core values:

  • Empathy - Understand each other and show kindness

  • Perseverance - Seek challenges and persist despite difficulty

  • Impact - Act with intent and create a positive effect

  • Curiosity - Ask questions and explore to find answers

The Einstein Difference

Einstein Academy is a leader in shifting the educational paradigm to benefit today's learners and families, offering a truly unique learning community where...

  • Students work alongside experts to solve real-world problems of today and tomorrow (REAL Learning).

  • Students’ social-emotional growth is emphasized through our focus on EPIC values.

  • The academic program is fully integrated, infusing traditional subjects (math, literacy, science, and social studies) with foreign language, and arts education to maximize relevance, engagement, and skill building.

  • Students learn a second language starting in kindergarten.

  • Students act as facilitators of their learning, asking their own questions and using their skills to seek answers.

  • Jewish values and culture form the basis of our program, fostering Jewish identity and a connection to Israel.

  • Small class sizes and trained faculty allow for effective differentiation and personalized learning.

  • All students, family members, and teachers are valued in our community, and we actively engage them.