A Day at Einstein















Faculty Meeting and Professional Development


Literacy/Math/Hebrew Block

Literacy/Math/Hebrew Block

Snack and Recess

Mindfulness Break

Literacy/Math/Hebrew Block

Middle School Genius Hour

Plus Block

Lunch and Recess

Interdisciplinary Block


Interdisciplinary Block 

Clean Up, Closing Circle, and Pack Up

Our Daily Schedule

Our faculty meet together each morning to discuss plans for the day and share ideas. 


After students arrive, each class engages in Kadosh (holy/separate) where we use traditional teachings and prayers as well as universal values as a basis for exploration of mindfulness, building community, and fostering emotional dispositions such as gratitude, empathy, and awe as well as to foster our character traits of focus -- kindness, empathy, responsibility, and grit (click here to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness in school).


The morning is then filled with our literacy, Hebrew, and math blocks (with a recess in the middle), where students engage in differentiated skill building in these core areas. Please note that our middle schoolers do not have a separate literacy block as the relevant standards are interwoven into their interdisciplinary block; instead they engage in a daily Genius Hour (click here to learn about the value of Genius Hour).

Next, all students engage in Plus Block, which is a time of day focused on targeted instruction to meet student needs. During this time, students work individually or in very small groups for support/intervention and/or added challenge in different areas.


Following lunch and another recess (click here to learn about the benefits of recess in school), students engage in their interdisciplinary learning block. For the afternoon, classes delve into a driving question or solving a problem from a variety of lenses (including social studies, science, and Judaics) in order to gain a deep understanding of the questions involved and seek their own answers while applying their knowledge to real-world problems (all while engaging in standards-aligned learning). Additional literacy standards are also woven throughout the interdisciplinary block.

Art, music, physical education, and technology play a key role in this learning throughout the interdisciplinary times, and a third recess is integrated into the middle of the interdisciplinary block.

At the end of the day, students gather for a closing circle in order to reflect on the day and focus on their social-emotional growth.