Upcoming Events

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Open House

Monday, November 15 at 6 pm (virtual or in-person)
Thursday, November 17 at 9 am (virtual or in-person)
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Come learn about what makes Einstein Academy so special! You'll get to meet the heads of school and hear from different stakeholders including teachers and current parents.
Study Group

Family Programs

We are constantly looking fo ways for current families to be involved in the school and have a window into what their kids are doing all day. Current opportunities include monthly Coffee Talk with the heads of school, family lunch, family Kadosh, weekly Friday Sweet Treats, and exhibitions/presentation of learning programs.
These events are only open to current parents

Individualized Information Session

Whenever works for you!

Want to learn more about Einstein Academy? Have questions that you want to explore? Want to talk about the specific needs of your child? We'd love to find a time to meet with you (and anyone else you'd like to include) to share with you what makes Einstein Academy so special and talk about how your family can help shape our community. Just reach out, and we'll find a time and place that works for everyone.