Our Leadership Team

Dr. Sarah Levy

Co-Founder / Head of School


Dr. Levy has been involved in the field of Jewish education since 2001, working, teaching, consulting, and writing in the areas of supplemental, day school, adult, and experiential education, most recently teaching and serving as an administrator at Denver Jewish Day School and working at Charles E Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD. She has an undergraduate degree in business and sociology and holds a Master of Jewish Education degree from Hebrew College, a doctorate in education from Northeastern University, and certificates in Advanced Jewish Studies, Day School Education, and Jewish Educational Leadership.

Mark Parmet

Co-Founder / Head of School


Mr. Parmet has been committed to education since 2002, having taught subjects such as reading, social studies, math, and science and serving in various school leadership roles, most recently teaching at Denver Academy and teaching and serving as an administrator at Denver Jewish Day School. He earned his Master of Education degree with an emphasis in School Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. His areas of expertise include student-centered learning, project based learning, interdisciplinary education, experiential education, social-emotional education, and community engagement.

Our Faculty

We recognize that our teachers are our most valuable asset, and the best way to provide the optimal learning environment for our students is to recruit, hire, and support the strongest faculty possible. We are talking to potential teachers in different areas who are excited about our philosophy of education and epitomize a genuine love of kids. Additionally, we are putting together our framework for teaching so that we can clearly articulate the expectations of being part of our community and provide teachers with the coaching and support to excel. 

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