We're Ready for Fall

How has coronavirus changed the way your kids learn?

What is best for your children’s growth -- both academically and social-emotionally?

What will fall look like for your kids if their school doesn’t open and remote learning continues?


Like most of the world, we at Einstein Academy are grappling with coronavirus and what it means for students and families now, into the summer, and for the fall. While much is unknown about what the next few months hold, we are proud to be able to meet the unique needs of students during this time:

  • Our focus on meeting all children where they are is a perfect way to get kids who have been out of school for months back on track.

  • Our small class sizes will make it easier for students to adjust back to being in a school setting in a supported way and will enable a high level of differentiation to best support students at various levels in the fall.

  • Our classroom set up and interest in getting students outside both allows the space for physical distancing while also containing the need for sterilization and thorough cleaning. 

  • Our commitment to families means that we will truly support all parents and students over the coming months and years.

  • As a small, innovative school environment, we’ll be easily able to pivot in response to any needs that arise between now and the opening of the school.


As a forward-thinking start-up school, we are well-positioned to create a safe, healthy environment for kids to learn throughout the school year. 

* Einstein Academy plans based on guidance from the CDC’s Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Child Care Programs and Governor Polis’s Safer At Home: Education P-12 guidelines. 

** We understand all schools are different. This chart is based on a survey of 20 Denver-area schools.


In order to adhere to the suggested numbers, spaces are incredibly limited.

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