Whole Child Education

At Einstein Academy, we value students’ social-emotional growth just as much as their academic growth, recognizing that who people are is just as important as what they know and can do. As Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said, “Acts of kindness never die. They linger in the memory, giving life to other acts in return.” 


As such, we focus on cultivating four different areas of growth within our students:

  • Self-awareness, which includes understanding one’s own feelings, motivations, and abilities and recognizing how they impact others.

  • Self-management, which includes thinking before speaking or acting and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

  • Social-awareness, which includes empathy and understanding the opinions, emotions, and reactions of others.

  • Relationship management, which includes conflict management and teamwork as well as how to navigate friendships and other relationships.


Appreciating that each student is unique and needs support in different areas, we ensure that everyone receives the individualized attention they need while also working to establish community norms and shared expectations. Believing that every thing matters, every time, we make sure to fully address challenges as they arise in order to help our students become the best versions of themselves and unite as a special community.


We are a true community, and all members of our community are valued for what they bring, and our programs ensure that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. We work together to make sure everyone feels welcome and valued, inside and outside of the classroom.