Making an Einstein Academy Education Possible

Aligned with our goal of engaging all interested students in learning at Einstein Academy, we have set our tuition significantly below the average independent school for the Denver area.


Our full tuition amount for the 2021-2022 school year is $15,300. However, we are able to offer a discounted tuition rate for the majority of families for as low as $7,140 per student (please see chart below). This tuition rate is possible due to:

  • A culture of philanthropy and engaging donors in ensuring an Einstein Academy education is possible for all interested families.

  • A focus on creating a financially responsible operations structure including a streamlined administrative team.

  • An emphasis on aligning our budget with our priorities including engaging the community for strategic alliances and supporting our teachers.

Tuition includes all fees except the application fee of $100 per student and the enrollment fee of $150 per student. A tuition deposit of $2,000 per student is required at the time of enrollment and is deducted from the tuition amount.

Tuition per student (2021-2022 school year) 






For example, if a family’s AGI is $149,000, and they have three children at Einstein Academy, the tuition per student will be $9,180, totaling $27,540.


We have very limited additional scholarship funds available to families whose AGI falls below $100,000 or have three or more children at Einstein Academy.

In order to allow families to plan ahead and anticipate costs for the coming years, tuition can be expected to increase roughly 2% each year in order to align with the standard cost of living increase. 


* AGI is adjusted gross income. This can be found in line 7 on the IRS 1040. We will ask that you submit the first two pages of your tax return in order to confirm this amount; no additional financial information will be requested.