Mission: Possible - Week 5

Mission of the Week: How can I make a positive impact on the world around me?


Segment 1:

  • Exploration - Where are we?

  • Mini Mission - Revise your goal and get ready

  • For ages 4-6 - Parents could help review their goals, focusing on one or two aspects of a SMART goal.

  • For ages 7-9 - Check to make sure your goal fits all of the areas of being a SMART goal -- How will you measure? In what way is your goal relevant?


Segment 2:

  • Exploration - How can I execute my solution?

  • Mini Mission - Execute your solution

  • For ages 4-6 - Parents could help kids with the documentation piece, taking pictures along the way.

  • For ages 7-9 - Figure out how you are going to document your process and your learning. What might be the benefits of choosing more than one way to document?

Segment 3:

  • Exploration - How can I reflect on my experience?

  • Mini Mission - Reflect on your experience

  • For ages 4-6 - Parents could choose a couple of reflection questions and discuss together.

  • For ages 7-9 - Create your own reflection questions. What questions will best help you think about your experience and consider what you learned?

Optional Family Mission: 

  • Exploration - How can we solve problems in our house?

  • Mini-Mission - Seek out and finish solving a problem

    • Last week we identified and solved a problem around the house. 

    • Using the process we’ve been discussing, continue your problem solving by executing your solution. 

      • Put a solution into motion.

      • Iterate a version of a solution you’ve already tried.

      • Get feedback about how your solution is working and see if it could get any better.

      • Consider what next steps might be to continue solving this problem. 

      • Reflect on your goal and think about how successful you were.

    • Make sure everyone has a voice, and every plays a role...and make sure to have fun!

Conclusion of Week 5

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 3.59.17 AM.png

Note: These are a sampling of the standards integrated into this unit. Recognizing that Mission: Possible participants span many grades and readiness-levels, this is a generic structure meant to include everyone. Additional activities integrating grade-level standards in specific disciplines (such as math, literacy, science, and social studies) tied to this material are available. This is especially true for math where levels vary drastically from student to student. Please email us, and we’d be happy to provide those resources.